A safari holiday in Tanzania is an experience of a lifetime. Those who are lucky enough (and able) to visit this beautiful country come back with unbelievable stories of adventure and good times. The kind of adventure most people can only imagine. Our safari holidays in Tanzania will allow you to visit a vibrant and beautiful country with world-class parks.
Safaris have been a way of life in Tanzania for many years because the country is blessed with a combination of superb big game and stunning tropical beaches. You can leave a Northern Tanzania safari camp in the morning and find yourself at a beautiful beach in Zanzibar for an afternoon swim. The Ngorongoro Crater and the Rift Valley’s Lake Manyara are synonymous with African safari, while the Serengeti’s great migration is one of the world’s greatest wildlife spectacles.
A Tanzanian safari adventure attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year, due to its popularity and authenticity. For this reason, Cruz strives to make your adventure as private and enjoyable as possible. To do this, we make sure that every day you spend in Tanzania is carefully planned and comfortable.

We have three main attractions:

National Parks

Trekking Safaris

Zanzibar and Tanzanian Coast

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